A Brief Introduction ot Master Xue Naiyin

Master Xue Naiyin is from Fushun of Liaoning province. As the successor of the sixth generation , he was Chairman of Liaoning Taijiquan Association and General Coach of Liaoning International Taijiquan Training Center in 1995.

Master Xue Naiyin started practising martial arts when he was in age of eigh. Since then, he has learned Wushu first from Mr Jie Zizhu and afterwards from Mr Duan Degui and Mr Qiao Songmao. What he was practised are Form-and - will Boxing. Eight Trigrams palm nd Wu Style Taijiquan.

As he has always been studying assiduously being strict with himself according to the instructions, he has grasped the spirit and quintessence of the boxing of inner strength and sensitivity . In 1978, he began to pass on the skill of Wushu in many schools, and from 1980s on, he specializes in Taijiquan. In order to get to know the true essence of Taijiquan, he has visited a great number of famous martial artists and asked them for advice on how to futher improve his Kungfu and he has made rapid progress. In 1992, he successfully established Fushun Wu style Taijiquan Research Commitee, whose members have been over 4000. And in 1995 he was elected as Chairman of Liaoning Taijiquan Association when it was established. He was also examined and approved as a Taijiquan expert at the First National Master Get-Together of Taijiquan Masters in 1993 and in the next year he was formally named International Taijiquan Famous Master. The articles by Xue Naiyin have abtained praise and prizes many times. They have been published in the magazines around the world, especialy the international famous T'AI CHI magazine. His works ' Orthobox schools of Wu style Taijiquan' and "Wu Style Taijiquan and swordplay" have been published by Beijing sport university Publishing House. The videotape <<Wustyle Taijiquan>> has also come out in Shenyang.


The pupils of Master Xue Naiyin have been seen everywhere both at home and abroad such as Japan, Singapore , Spain ,Germany and New Zealand. Master Xue Naiyin immigrated to New Zealand 1996 and he made a lot of contribution to the development of Tai ji in NZ. His ultimate goal is to spread Wu style Tai ji to as many places as possble , so more and more people can get benfit from it.